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Restaurant Tour

Visit our stylish dining restaurant with specialties from Lake Constance. You will make the right decision, whether you want to celebrate a solemn event in the circle of your family or your relatives, plan a business or corporate event, or just want to spend a nice evening with good friends. Our tailor-made cuisine offers year-round deep-sea fish straight from the boat after catch in many delicious variations. You will feast on meat dishes served with fresh vegetables and appetizing salads from the island of Reichenau. You will never forget our vegetarian dishes and fine desserts which honor our menu.

The restaurant Kreuz which has already been run by the Prince family in the third generation may boast about a rich historical background. As the Church of St. Georg welcomed all the faithful as the first harborage and representative of the island, the island visitors were once welcomed by the tradition-steeped “Kreuz” inn. The inn was first mentioned in 1707. At that time, it bore the name Von Schmiedsfeldscher Hof. The name of the guest house, its location and evidences of old maps show that there was a relationship between the church and the building of today’s hotel and restaurant Kreuz from ancient times.

Detailed information on the historical background of the restaurant can be found under the link: “Historic Inns”.

Our restaurant is open on the following days:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday to Sunday

Days off: Monday and Thursday

Hot dishes are served at noon from 11:30 AM till 02:00 PM and in the evening from 05:30 PM till 9 PM.

Since our restaurant is a popular place to stay, we recommend to make a reservation in time.

We are looking forward to your inquiries.

Your Breakfast Buffet

Start your day with our generous and healthy breakfast. Moreover, we are happy to serve non-hotel guests with pre-reservations with our breakfast specialties.

Monday to Friday:

07:30 AM to 10:00 AM

Saturday, Sunday and holidays:

07:30 AM to 10:00 AM


Indulge yourself in:

+ Sea fish directly from the boat after catch

+ Vegetables and salads from the island of Reichenau

+ A delicious variety of meat and vegetarian dishes

+ Mouth-watering desserts

+ Generous breakfast buffet

+ A stylish dining restaurant